El Paradero (The Whereabout) is the response to an invitation by Codigo Magazine to generate a proposal for the contemporary metropolis; after a research stage focused in the city and some problems related to everyday people who inhabit it, we came along with a design intended to address needs regarding the flow of people and the new dynamics of urban life.

Year / 2013 






Public spaces like parks and avenues replicate the urban structure stablished to the mid-80s, where the city presented itself as a passive space, absent of interaction. People sat to see the others pasing by, unhurried, calm. That reality has mutated, leading to a context where the city’s speed is becoming faster, more intense, with no space to rest.







El Paradero is an object with several uses, each suited to needs that revolve around electronics and motion; their interaction zones reflect maximum flexibility, inviting users to talk with the furniture in a dynamic and easy way. You can sit and work for long periods with your notebook, rest in the intermediate area or for short periods at the highest part. 

El Paradero can work together, as a family of sculptural elements full of functionality.